CCTV Camera Installation & Maintenance

Securing your premises with expert CCTV solutions.

cctv camera

Keeping your business safe is a top priority, and using Security Camera systems can significantly enhance your ability to do so. From early detection of criminal or anti-social behavior outside your premises, to monitoring and recording of incidents within your organization, including any accidents, high-quality CCTV systems can help you keep track of all activity in and around your business.

At Sadat Solutions, we provide greater performance, capability and flexibility from a diverse range of digitally-enhanced equipment including High-Definition cameras, intelligent storage and retrieval processes, offsite monitoring and response and integration with complementary security systems.

Our systems offer:

  1. Crime prevention, detection and monitoring
  2. Clear images, day and night at ranges up to 30 meters
  3. Automatic connection to a remote video receiving center
  4. Access to your business CCTV from anywhere

Integrated solutions mean that even when you’re not at your premises, you can check your cameras via your smartphone or other internet-enabled devices. That means you’ll always know what is going on, even if you’re abroad.

And you’ll also feel safer when you and your staff are at your premises, with integrated CCTV solutions giving you comprehensive coverage of what is happening around your business, and who is coming and going.

How can we help?

Our team of experts are here to give you all the advice and guidance you need to ensure your CCTV system works optimally for your business. Our services include:

  1. Advice, guidance and specification of what CCTV system and equipment is needed for your business
  2. Installation service of CCTV cameras
  3. Maintenance of CCTV systems
  4. Upgrades to your existing CCTV systems